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Here you will find out about all my current and upcoming stories, and a glimpse into my personal life on the blog menu.

Being an avid reader of mostly M/M romance, I began to tire of predictable storylines and overdone erotica.  I yearn to offer something different, something more, I want the stories I write to have a meaning, a purpose, twists and turns.

I class myself as a spiritual type of person and so I have drawn on that and used it in some of my stories.  Often in life, opportunities present themselves to you which can assist you through a difficult time, answer a question or solve a problem.  Answers appear right in front of you and can take many different forms which can make them difficult to decipher.

Some of the characters that appear in my stories are presented with many opportunities to assist them through their issues.  There are signs directing characters for a quick fix to their problems, by not taking them they learn and grow on their journey until they reach a conclusion.  I have placed subtle and not so subtle opportunities and references in my writing.

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