Author Bio

And so it began.

It was a dark and dreary winter afternoon in the western suburbs of Melbourne, an afternoon which I wanted nothing more than to snuggle up on the lounge with our fur babies, eat scones and watch Ancient Aliens with my partner Michael Young.

Michael had other plans in mind for me.  Our friend and an author herself, Vicki Williams, had an idea to launch a local writing group.  Being the supportive loving partner that I am, of course I went along to support him and Vicki on this new endeavour.

I had absolutely no interest, time or patience to write anything, it’s just something I couldn’t be bothered with.  Anyway, I was roped into completing some writing prompts, just a couple of lines.  Let’s face it what else was I supposed to do, stare at the wall?

It was an old building in the town centre we were working out of, so I can’t be sure if I was being guided by unknown forces as I put pen to paper.

An idea came into my head, my hand firmly grasped the pen, and words flowed effortlessly onto the paper.  Michael and Vicki were suitably impressed.  Generally I’m not comfortable with praise, usually there is a hidden want or need behind it, but these two I trust.  Perhaps as a token of encouragement?  Anyway, that’s all it took.

After that time which was about twelve months ago or more, I can’t stop writing or thinking about writing.  My first story Engle Byen – A Place to Call Home came from that writing session.

I love to read LGBT e-books, but most of them don’t have twists, turns, or messages to take from them.  I want all that, so I decided to write it myself.

I want my stories to have a sense of humour as well as a subtle message regarding life and the choices it presents to you.

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