Dusty Balls

Dusty Balls: Christmas Stories of Loss and Love

Coming to Amazon Unlimited 2019.

Dusty Balls by David Goldon

Roman was attracted to all things bright and beautiful, Christmas was his favourite time of the year.  He was looking forward to spending his first Christmas with his partner Dean.  After dating Dean for six months, Roman thought he knew his partner quite well.  Until he lay trapped and injured inside a darkened room which harboured a ghost of Christmas past.

Big Gay Santa by Michael Young

Tom has never been a fan of Christmas and the recent loss of his longtime partner has made the coming Christmas almost unbearable for him. With the help of his ‘fur child’, Fluffy, the universe tries to work some Christmas magic for both of them. Will Big Gay Santa be able to rise to the challenge and bring love back into their shattered world this Christmas?

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