The third book in the Engle Byen series: COMING SOON!

Here’s the blurb!

Opportunities abound.  Solutions exist.  Secrets unraveled.

Three cardboard boxes mysteriously turn up at Random town’s Opportunity Shop (Thrift Store).  A particularly ugly painting contained in one of the boxes brings joy or pain to all that handle it.  Reportedly worth a small fortune the painting attracts the interest of an unsavoury character desperate to get his hands on it.

Easton Barlow, an openly gay city cop is transferred from the bustling city life of Melbourne to the quiet picturesque country town.  On a whim, his boyfriend, Doctor Dylan Svensson, waltzes into town shortly after harbouring a confession.

The investigation into the missing boxes leads Easton to the Opportunity Shop and into the lives of the mature aged women that work there.

Glenys has been concealing a significant part of her life from everyone unable to tolerate the disgrace that would follow if she had the courage reveal it.  Flo’s shameful secret turns up at her door step which threatens to crack her carefully guarded facade.  Irma suffers as her misguided unconditional love of her husband overshadows her own happiness.  Someone is transported to Engle Byen, except this time they know all is not as it seems.

Easton and Dylan weave their way through the lives of the women inadvertently presenting opportunities for them to shine into the future if they dare.

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