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I was recently interviewed for an Australian book review site. I must say I was taken aback and humbled when I was asked to particate via an interview for the sixth anniversary of the blog.  You can read the interview here.

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Engle Byen Opportunities

I love breaking convention and try something different, unusual.  That pretty much sums up my new book Opportunities.  It revolves the around the lives of three mature aged women that work in a an Opportunity Shop (Thrift Store) in a country town.  Who writes about mature aged women?  I read somewhere that it was taboo, so of course I couldn’t resist.

Opportunities started as a short story I began to write just for fun.  Then two of the characters from The Road to Engle Byen wanted to join in on the action.  Who was I to EB OPP Cover Promo 1 a brightrefuse them a role in this book.  Enter Easton and Dylan.  They arrived in town and met the women that work in the Op Shop.  Taking the lead from the men that are unashamedly in love, the women begin to question the guarded way they have been living their lives.  The world has changed for the better, they no longer have to hold onto their old fashioned values and lifestyles or do they?

Of course someone finds themselves transported to Engle Byen, except this time they know.


This story will be an e-book and printed editions due for release in November 2018.


Who Popped My Cork Part Three

How pop music influenced who I am.

Part Three

‘You leave and you slam the door.’

Resilience.  Being an ABBA fan in Australia after their shelf life had expired taught me resilience and strength of character.  When most of the rest of the population used their pre-loved ABBA t-shirts as dust rags, I continued to proudly wear mine for a while longer.  I may as well have drawn a target on my back.  I was ridiculed and publicly shamed.  Strangers would snigger and laugh at me, I even coped verbal abuse.  Teenage years can be difficult, a teenage ABBA fan raging with hormones and a question of sexuality tapping at the door, I had a lot to get through.

I never wore my ABBA t-shirts again, it was a stress I could do without.  If asked, about my music choices I never denied I was still and ABBA fan, I was just no longer a walking advertisement for them.  If I ever heard anyone bag ABBA I would always jump in and defend them regardless of the ridicule I would receive in return.  I had now built up the strength to withstand the taunts of others.  This skill better equipped me for what I was about to face in the years ahead when the very core of me would be ridiculed and condemned.


2017-03-06 18.36.31 (2)
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia advertisments mocking ABBA fans.


I was different from the other boys at primary school and high school.  I hated sport and would rather hang with the girls during recess.  Girls were more fun to be around, they loved music and to joke around.  I had so much more in common with them.  During high school in particular, I was called ‘poof’ or ‘pansy or both by the other boys, never any girls though.  I guess I must have led a sheltered life as I had no idea what those words meant until I innocently asked my mother.  She simply said it was men who go out with other men instead of women.  I was shocked.  Though I had to admit to myself I found boys more attractive and girls were just my best friends.

ABBA became quiet as they began to embark on their solo careers.  ABBA had never officially announced a break up so I just clung to a desperate hope that they would, sometime in the future have another record out.  That never happened and my life kept moving on but I never stopped playing or loving them.

With the influence of ABBA I became just like them, a nice clean-cut boy who dresses nicely, is polite, friendly and caring.  A mummy’s boy who all my friends mothers loved.

Deep down in my rebel heart I was tired of being a golden child I wanted to rebel but didn’t know how to kick the goody-two-shoes I was to the kerb.

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Coming up next.

Who Popped My Cork – Part Four

‘Do you wanna see me down on my knees.’



Engle Byen – First Review is in!

Strangely Compelling

This novella was one of those stories where you know you’re missing something obvious the whole time, but how obvious is it really if you can’t figure it out? Yep. Mindtwister. That’s pretty much what this story was.

The characters were engaging and the pacing was good for a novella. I kept waiting for something really gnarly to happen and I wasn’t disappointed although it wasn’t nearly as dark as some of the other shorts I’ve read lately. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I had expectations, Oh The Horror! And this one lived up to those expectations and failed to live down to them in other ways. Figure that one out. Mindtwister.
I don’t want to spoil anything and that is all too easy to do with a shorter story so I won’t say too much more. Suffice it to say that I would be surprised if …
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